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Unpredictable weather at the Yongala...

We're off to Australia in November and have a couple of days planned for Townsville to see the Yongala wreck & Great Barrier Reef. We've been told that the weather can be quite unpredictable at the wreck and trips can be cancelled at short notice. If we miss out because of bad weather we'd receive a full refund, but we wont be in town long enough to get a second chance to go out.

obviously its "unpredictable", but does any one know where I can find a report of how often the yongala was unavailable last year? Particularly November and December.

Paige Dellit

Paige Dellit

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I don't know stats on how often it was unavailable but you are going a nice time of year. Nov and Dec is just coming into summer so the winds will be lighter than a few months before so more chance of being able to dive the wreck. I will cross my fingers for you :)

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