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is it possible to go for diving and snorkeling in late sept?

We are planning to visit the islands in late september/ first week of october. We know it is still the rainy season. How much does it affect snorkeling and diving? Is it possible to have good diving even in this period or it is better to go in december? Thank you

Jonas Frueh

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Matteo - for the Andaman islands the real rainy season is from around mid May until the end of July.. and due to lots of rain, wind and low vis this is the worst time to visit. That said, from August to November you tend to get some rain, some rougher seas but the diving (and snorkeling) can still be pretty good. You should be OK in September assuming you accept it will be sub-optimal, but probably still OK, conditions :)


Joss Leonard

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Yea I agree with that.. might be rougher than peak season.. seas can be crazy still.. but the diving should be ok. Maybe worth asking a couple of dive centers what their schedules are.


Thailand Divers Lomas

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Yes grat time of year. before the crowds of high season but the diving is just as good if not better as all the boats and tourists of high season have not scared the shy stuff away.

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