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Sipadan 2016 have I left it too late & Q's

With regards to permits for diving at Sipadan is it first come first serve on: When you booked the holiday?

is it based on the date frame of your stay?

How exactly does it work?

Would look at going August to November and would like the possibility of seeing hammerheads; do you think this is possible and if so any month within those I've indicated?

Looking at staying at either Mabul SMART Divers Resort or Kapalai Dive Resort for 12 nights to include 10 days diving but can't decide on which?

Any help you can offer would be greatly appreciated & Any other info also much appreciated - Thank you in advance



Nick T. Morrison

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Honestly I would get in touch with some dive centers and talk to them as soon as possible. Of the 15 resorts which can take six hundred or so guests in total they only have 120 permits that can be used for diving each day.. these permits are spread out over the resorts - so your best bet is to ask if they have any availability for diving permits for the duration of your stay.


Nick T. Morrison

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Some resorts will guarantee a permit if you are staying for long enough. Regarding Hammerheads - I am not sure - I would go for the permits first (they have to paperwork etc and can't be hurried easily).. if you get them I highly doubt you will be let down by the diving regardless of seeing hammerheads or not! The diving in Sipadan is utterly out of this world!

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