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Maldives - El Nino

Does anyone have any information concerning El Nino's impact on the diving in the Maldives this year. I know that last time there was a huge El Nino (late 1990s) it bleached 80% of the reefs. Not really sure what that means - i.e., whether that means everything was totally dead or if it was still worth going even if the wildlife spotting was reduced drastically. We are going to Maldives for our honeymoon this coming February, so I would love to know - if anyone is there now or in the near future - how conditions are. Thanks!

Natàlia Gómez Valero

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I have already returned from a liveabord in Maldives and it's been fantastic. We've seen hundreds of grey sharks in the channels, whalesharl, several manta rays at the cleaning stations and lots of little colorful fish. I was in Maldives in 2012 too and I have notices no difference in coral reefs. By the way, you should'nt expect impressive coral reefs in Maldives. I'm sure you'll have a great time.

Richard Bettan

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Thanks so much for responding! So glad you had a good time! When did you go?

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