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Dreams of experiencing some big fish!

Hallo. Me and my boyfriend are going to Baja California Sur tomorrow and are there for 1-2 weeks. I have just got my dive license and he snorkels. We are both eager to experience hammerheads, eagle rays and of course whale sharks. Does anybody know if it's possible to see any of those things by snorkeling? And are there any advises on where to go in Cabo San Lucas? Or any good dive companies?

Mange thanks / Signe!

Claudia Kane

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Yes, you can see whale sharks by snorkeling...


Mark Anderson

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I got my open water cert w/ Manta divers. They took good care of me. I stayed at Siesta Suites which I also highly recommend.


Andy Chilson

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Scuba diving in Cabo, its one of the most beautiful experience that any one can have. Scuba diving in Cabo its a must for nature lovers. Private tours its. Website:

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