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Diving in Baja End of June


I am planning to be at Baja around the end of June, what's the general condition going to be like around that time? From looking at the Wildlife Calendar it does seem that Cabo is a better diving destination than La Paz, is going to La Paz even worth it?


Claudia Kane

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I thought the way that you are thinking now but I will tell you my experience: I just came back from Los Cabos and we scuba dived in there 3 tanks, in La Paz and in Cabo Pulmo; long story short, I will never go to scuba dive in Los Cabos again, it´s not a place for scuba diving, Cabo Pulmo is a "must", schools of fish you will never see in other parts of the world, and La Paz was great, we scuba dived an played with the sea lions, we saw lots of dolphins, sea horses and marine life, the best of all is that is like this all year round with a plus that in some seasons you can see whales and shark whales. Hope this works for you!

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