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Need recommendation for diving in Mexico i June / July 2018

Hi. Me and my friend are travelling for diving in Mexico in the end of June.

WE have order the fly thickets and we was think about living on Isla Mujeres and dive from here.

Both of us have advance and nitrox diving licence.

What can you recommend of diving this periode of time?

As far as i know this outside the season here, du we need to book in advance or can we order when we are there?

Can you offer package where diving, hotel and food are included?


What is your recommendation of diving center here and why?

We had hope to see big fish as shark, or other fish. What can we expect to see in this periode of the year?

Is there anyone here that have trips to Barracuda reef?

So please give me information about Diving in Isla Mujeres area?


Best regards

Bjarte Myksvoll

From Norway

Telephone. 004799559567



Joanne Roberts

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Joanne Roberts

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We we dived in Cozumel in September and stayed on the Island. This is because the majority of diving we were looking at was around the Island and it takes 45 minutes to get to Cozumel. If you want to dive the Cenotes then you can stay on the mainland.


Joanne Roberts

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Unfortunately I am unable to give you any help on Isla Mujeres. We dived with ProDive who were excellent.



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Hi. I went to Isla de Mujeres in August 2016. Diving was ok. Due to the fact that the divebase let uncertified divers into the water, the reef is pretty much damaged. Nevertheless there are a lot of fishes and you can see nursesharks. The underwater Museum with hundereds of statues is also worth a visit. At this time it is also whaleshark season and you can book a snorkelling trip... i would definitely recommend you to do some Cenote dives on the mainland.

Claire Hernandez

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hi, i live and work on the island as a dive instructor. Diving is great all year round, this time of year the special dives are the drift dive around the south point to see mating turtles and the whale shark trips. We have soe great wreck dives and also beautiful reefs some that are drift dives amnd some are without current. We also have the underwater museum here. If you would like more info you can contact me here> or check our webpage and contact us directly there, please mention that i gave you the info! Thank you and hope to hear from you

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