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Diving end of August


I would love to discover diving when I am in the Andamans at the end of August, maybe do an open water course.

There are so many companies you can go to, and I wonder whether the sites near Havelock and Neil are better than e.g. chidiya thapu or Long Island, or just really touristy?



Nicola Jaeger

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Long Island is definitely not touristy at all. We lived on Long Island in the Middle Andamans from November 2013- April 2014, so I am not too sure about the end of August, but I believe the real monsoon season is over. They sometimes get a second wave around October. From what I heard there are no more diving courses on Long Island, but the island is definitely worth a visit If you want to get some inspiration, watch this video gallery with two underwater clips and one on land:

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