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Basking Shark Diving

The Dive Report site shows basking sharks are present in September in Catalina Island. However, none of the dive shops mention them, and I could not find anything else online about operators or tours to see basking sharks. Can anyone provide a tour or dive operator for basking shark encounters, or recommend dive sites where they might be spotted? Thanks!

Angela Trainor

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I spend three weeks trying to find a place to dive off the coast of California with blue whales, and it was pretty difficult. Catalina was the only place where it was legal to dive with blue whales, but none of the dive centers even took boats out into the ocean. I was very disappointed and discouraged by this. I honestly found more dive centers in Phoenix, Arizona that were willing to plan a trip to Catalina for this kind of expedition. The only center that plans dive trips with the blue whales in the united states charges $10,000 a person which i cannot afford frankly. Does anybody else know places safe to swim with the bluies that are also friendly to female tourists?

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