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Cano Island Vs Playas del Coco

Hi Everyone,

I'll be backpacking through Costa Rica early-mid September. I'm an avid diver and have been researching Cano Island and also Playas, where do people recommend?

Have read a few different reviews online, some recommending Cano, others Playas. What site has the best chance of Sharks/Manats etc...

Thanks a Lot

Ryan Elfallah

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Curious as well I will be heading there in a few days! Will be there begining of Nov 1-10th trying to decide which location is better for visbility but also to see Mantas and Whale sharks if possible.

Michael Calverley

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Hi Ryan, I did the Cano dive with a school based in Uvita back in 2018. It was nice. Actually saw a Humpback whilst diving. Other than that some nice reef sharks but not much more. If you're an advanced diver there's another pinnacle around the island that you can visit where the chance of Mantas, Bull Sharks and Hammerheads is high, but the school will only visit if 3 or 4 others are interested. Unfortunately that wasn't the case during my trip but definitely worth investigating if you can.

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