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diving cabo early November

I'm an advanced diver and I'll be in Cabo next week (first time) - any recommends on dives? Or ones to avoid?

Luthin Crenshaw

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I'm Adv open water and enriched air, diving 11/5 and hopefully Gordo Banks on 11/6 (if enough divers book the trip). All the dive sites I looked at require a 2 tank dive previous in order to assess your dive skills. I've booked through Manta but there are other outfits that have good reviews. It looks like November has some of the better dive conditions for visibility, temps and marine life. I've only dove there once before in March a couple of years ago. Good diving, didn't make it to Gordo Banks due to rough seas. Vis was 40ft +/- and water temps were 70's.

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